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Portrait of MG Corps Sergeant with Gatling by Arsenal-Best
Portrait of MG Corps Sergeant with Gatling
Photography: Susanne Jung

Model: :iconarsenal-best:

Location: Anno 1900 (2014), Fond de Gras, Luxembourgh

Software (uniform jacket) by Jules H. Aetherton

Hardware (props) by Arsenal Best Armoury…

This picture was beautifully redone in style of an old masters portrait on canvas by photographer Susanne Jung.
I think, one can easily imagine, seeing this picture hanging in an old british mansion... "yes, yes, that was my great-grandfather..." ;)

Everything you see, except the sabre, the bare pith helmet and the gloves, is self-made!
Especially with the uniform jacket, Ms. Jules H. Aetherton outdone herself. :hug:

The Gatling is also totally scratchbuilt and has a working plasmadisc and the barrels do spin (at about 200 rpm) if the trigger is pulled.

And according to my philosophy of trying to achieve a credible and plausible look, a slight mixing-in of antiques added to the steampunk pieces, giving the whole composition the final edge. I.e.:
The goggles:
Covered in white leather and brass , complete with (british) Lion heraldry, the right eye contains a genuine 19th century brass camera teleobjective.
the helmet:
besides being a replica of an 1880s pith helmet, the brass badge on it, is from the then newly formed MG Corps dating from the first World War.
Also the square loop antenna is modelled after the very first loop antennas that were used at the beginning of the 20th century. Which btw spins as well, see Steampunk Pith Helmet Loop Antenna (video)
the belt:
the buckle isn't just any british buckle, but a replica of the victorian times version with the correct Victoria crown.

In my opinion, a sensible mix of some "real" bits and pieces, where it does make sense (and not simple bashing everything together), accompanied by drawing inspiration from a thorough overall research of the time and specific theme, enriches such a costum creation very much and adds that certain credibility to make this alternate (Steampunk) history believable.

But of course, in the end, you'll be the judge of it.
A new family member: Doc Frog wrist Gatling gun by Arsenal-Best
A new family member: Doc Frog wrist Gatling gun
Meet "Doc Frog" another commissioned Froggy wrist Gatling gun by Arsenal Best Armoury….

The design was specifically fitted to the customers Steampunk alter ego, which he described in his own words as a:

"...a steampunk time-travelling medicine showman. He's an entertainer and charming but he's generally selling dodgy snake oil so gets in some scrapes and needs some occassional weaponry back-up..."

Excactly where Arsenal Best Armoury came in. :)

As with most Froggies, this was made mainly from brass with some further plastic and metal parts. For the wrapper I used a beautiful antique chocolate brown leather fitting in color to the leather parts the customer already wore.

Because it is such a prominent part of his own costume and stands for the pompousness the character likes to present himself with, I couldn't resist to sculpt an accurate miniature copy of his tophat for the Froggy and after that I simply HAD TO add the moustache!

Also I did allow myself to add a little joke I boroughed from the classic Batman TV series.
Remember their "Crooked Camera angle" whenever a villain was shown? Well Doc Frog is tilted slightly to the left, hinting him as a crook too (or maybe he just had to much of his own elixier...)

In accordance with his profession, I added two tiny glas elixier bottles. Maybe these are the real deal reserved for own use in an emergency. The bottles are filled with (drinkable ;) ) blue fluid. They can be removed and clicked back into their brass holder.

I did as well add an engraving on Doc Frogs back.
 "just what the Doctor ordered"
Which might refer to the elixier as well as to the lead coming from those twelve barrels.

Furthermore Doc Frog is the first male Frog to receive the revised frogfeet from the Lady Froggy Swarovski Lady Froggy wrist Gatling gun_01 and a felt lining.

Though on a tight scedule, I really had fun conceiving this new Froggy family member, because making every Froggy as unique as their owners is something I really enjoy.

If you want your very own froggish partner, check out:…

The other family members:
The Frogeteer: 'The Frogeteer' wrist Gatling gun_04 In action!

and the original: Steampunk wrist gun 'Little Froggy' _
and quite a few more exclusive additions are currently in the making...
British East-India MG Corps Sergeant with Gatling by Arsenal-Best
British East-India MG Corps Sergeant with Gatling
...and Lady.

This picture is just so awesome, that I have to share it here as well. :happybounce:

Photography taken by :icon42pixel:

Models: Jules H. Aetherton & Arsenal Best

Location: Elfia 2014, Arcen, Netherlands

Software (dress, uniform) by Jules H. Aetherton

Miss Aethertons Hat custommade by Nashimiron

Hardware (accessoires, equipment, jewelry) by Arsenal Best

The Gatling is still in an early WIP stage. Still the plasmadisc works and the barrels do spin.
Elfia, Arcen, Netherlands the 20/21th September.

Anno 1900, Fond-de-Gras, Luxembourgh the 27/28th September.

Working hard to get some new stuff done till then...


Arsenal-Best's Profile Picture
My love for SF started in the age of 6 while reading most of Jules Vernes works. "Discovering" Steampunk in 2010, it was instantly a perfect match! SciFi in the victorian style of Jule Verne. What could be better?

My first projects in this area after years of costume and prop building in "another galaxy", were two outfits with equipment for the Roleplay Convention in Cologne, Germany in May 2011 (biggest event of its kind in Germany). From there on I was infested with the Steampunk virus, continuing to refine the outfits and developing new stuff.

My approach on Steampunk design is quite simple: victorian aestetics combined with functionality.

There are many out there defining steampunk by simply bashing brass tubing together. The more the better.
I have a differend opinion:
1. if you take a look at the victorian age, you will soon realize that one essence of it was, that even machines and purely functional equipment should still be look and made like a unique and elegant piece of art.
2. every piece on every gadget and contraption I conceive should still look like it is there for a reason and has a plausible function instead of "just been put there".
To use a phrase of Walt Disney they must have at least a feel of" the plausible implausible".

That's my aim, I try to follow.

PS: Although I don't entertain a regularly blog, you can find more pics and WIP stuff here:


and I have an Etsy shop now.
Yay! :woohoo:…

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