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Because there are some nice features like linking pictures in descriptions with a visible thumbnail and not only as a boring link and other nice stuff like this, I thought a premium membership would be kinda nice, to give you a more interlinked and pleasurable experience of my work.

So if you have some useless points picking up dust somewhere, feel free to drop them here.
It's certainly appreciated very much!

Thank you all for your consideration.
Yours truly
Arsenal Best

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The Countess and the Governor General by Arsenal-Best
The Countess and the Governor General
Photographer: Dirk Jacobs…

Models: Jules H. Aetherton & Arsenal Best

Location: "Villa Nostalgica" 2015, Hildesheimer Haus, Germany

Happy new year every one!

To welcome 2016 accordingly as glamorous as possible, I present you two new outfits.

Both were specifically finished for the Ball Bizarre during the secret Villa Nostalgica event (invited guests only) in the beautiful period location of the Hildesheimer Haus.

Ms. Aehtertons ball dress went slightly for a russian noble look and is covered with accents of pearls and Swarovski gems, all painstakingly sewn on by hand.
 Also all the pearl accessoires were made by Ms. Aetherton herself.
The fur bolero she made from faux fur.

My pasha uniform is also completly made by the capable hands of Ms. Aetherton. I only added the ornamentations.
The uniform is specifically based on General Charles George Gordons pasha uniform as Governor General of the Sudan, also known as "Chinese Gordon" or "Gordon of Khartoum"…
complete with goldthread ornamentations and fez (though I chose a black fez, since I found red ones a bit overused since the "Doctor" ;) ).

Though complete for the occasion of a ball, the Gordon outfit will develope over the coming years (yes, years, I'm simply being realistic ;) ) into a full-fledgded Steampunk version of a Gordon of Khartoum who survived his grim end in an alternate history...
Steampunk Star Trek - Steam Trek TNG - final stage by Arsenal-Best
Steampunk Star Trek - Steam Trek TNG - final stage
Photographer: Stephan Nestel :iconnestiarts:

Models: Miss Jules H. Aetherton & Arsenal Best

Location: FaRK 2015, Reden, Germany

Check out our Steam Trek gallery…

Female victorian TNG uniform inspired by this beautiful artwork from :iconreneedicherri:…

male version inspired by this:

Steam Trek Accessoires I made for these outfits:

- Mk.X Steampunk Tricorder…

- Type II Phaser…

- Vulcan Steampunk IDIC pendant…

-com badge

- officer rank pins

- science officer commander earrings

Except for some refurbishments on the phaser and the holsters and another Type I cricket phaser for Ms. Aetherton, our Steam Trek TNG outfits are completed!
But this won't definitly not be the end of our Steam Trek!
Remember 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek TOS.... ;)

"Steam on and progress!"
Steampunk Star Trek - Steam Trek - Vulcan IDIC 01 by Arsenal-Best
Steampunk Star Trek - Steam Trek - Vulcan IDIC 01

To complete Miss Aetherton's Steam Trek outfit, I finally got around to realize some little piece of jewelry I was since long thinking about.
The Steampunk or better Steam Trek version of the Vulcan IDIC worn by the late Mr. Spock.…

I imidiatly thought of the IDIC, when I saw this Swaroski Elements crystal, which has almost the perfect size and shape.

I created the pyramid from brass including the inner circle on top with an antique watch gear and another small Swarovski crystal.

The inscription is the vulcan calligraphy of "Kol-ut-shan" which translates as IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations).
That the calligraphy looks correctly I owe to this great site:…

Especially the myriads of different shades and sparkles of the Swarovski gem represents in itself absolutly beautifully the meaning of IDIC.
I really love how this piece turned out and it definitly is one of my favourites among the jewelries I made for Ms. Aetherton so far.

See more of our Steam Trek here:…

Peter by Martyncollings by Arsenal-Best
Peter by Martyncollings
With pleasure I can add this cool sketch done by :iconmartyncollings: which came quite as a suprise.

He was inspired to create it by this wonderful picture of :icon42pixel:…
And it was our good friend 42pixel, who prompted me towards this artwork.
One can imagine how honoured I am to be chosen for one of Martys Steampunk sketches. :happybounce:

Especially since this is the first artwork of my main Steampunk Hunter outfit and thus a perfect addition for this gallery (although incognito as 'Peter' :D).

I'm very thankful to Marty that he allowed me to post his piece in my portrait gallery as well!
Finally released!

"Das große Steampanoptikum" is a fantastic journey through the german Steampunk scene.
Wonderfully illustrated with 176 pages full of great pictures in glossy colours.

Steampanoptikum by Arsenal-Best

It features a broad spectrum through the german Steampunkery may it be makers, writers, musicians or anything in between.
And even for someone in the scene, I was amazed about the richness of this collection.
For someone just interested in Steampunk this book also is a perfect entry to get an overview about the wide variety what steampunk can be (and achieve).

It makes me proud to say, that both Ms. Jules H. Aetherton and myself had the honour to be featured in this book as well.
You can imagine how excited we were. :woohoo: :woohoo:

It's available directly from the publisher…
or through as well.

Steam on and progress!


Arsenal-Best's Profile Picture
My love for SF started in the age of 6 while reading most of Jules Vernes works. "Discovering" Steampunk in 2010, it was instantly a perfect match! SciFi in the victorian style of Jule Verne. What could be better?

My first projects in this area after years of costume and prop building in "another galaxy", were two outfits with equipment for the Roleplay Convention in Cologne, Germany in May 2011 (biggest event of its kind in Germany). From there on I was infested with the Steampunk virus, continuing to refine the outfits and developing new stuff.

My approach on Steampunk design is quite simple: victorian aestetics combined with functionality.

There are many out there defining steampunk by simply bashing brass tubing together. The more the better.
I have a differend opinion:
1. if you take a look at the victorian age, you will soon realize that one essence of it was, that even machines and purely functional equipment should still be look and made like a unique and elegant piece of art.
2. every piece on every gadget and contraption I conceive should still look like it is there for a reason and has a plausible function instead of "just been put there".
To use a phrase of Walt Disney they must have at least a feel of" the plausible implausible".

That's my aim, I try to follow.

PS: Although I don't entertain a regularly blog, you can find more pics and WIP stuff here:


and I have an Etsy shop now.
Yay! :woohoo:…

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TakaTheSquirrel Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the llama!  Rocket
Sherryhill Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for adding me to your watch!=P (Razz) 
Arsenal-Best Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
My pleasure.

I find your ability to adept the different era's illustration styles so perfectly very intriguing.
Some of them also reminds me strongly of those nose-arts on planes from the second World War.

Btw, do you take on commissions? :)
Sherryhill Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!Since I'm new to the computer world,I'm not sure how to do a commission-some one else asked me today too. If you can tell me how,i'd be glad to paint one for you!
Arsenal-Best Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Oh, that's easy, since it is the same like in the real world.

Someone is interested in a specially made for painting and approaches you, you discuss the wishes and ideas, decide if you want to do it, negotiate the terms of compensation and then there is nothing left than creating another of your marvelous artworks. ;)

The only difference that might occure in the computer world would be, if someone is interested to receive the finished work only digitally.
In that case you would have to find a way to photograph or scan the painting without loosing too much of the quality.

However in my case, I would prefer the traditional way of receiving the real thing. And not just digital Ones and Zeros.. :D
Of course only if you do part from your originals!

What I have in mind would be another piece for our portrait gallery… (please see its description to read what it is about).
Though usually moving in the victorian Steampunk era, we will have a go at the roaring twenties in the near future as well.
And for that I couldn't imagine someone better fitting than you to do a portrait in your marvelous twenties style!
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slshimerdla Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

Thanks so much for the +fav! I really appreciate it! Please consider throwing a watch my way if you enjoy my stuff, and have a good one! :)

Arsenal-Best Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
You're welcome and sure, why not and dito. ;)
MartynCollings Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, I've just done a Steampunk sketch from a photo by 42pixel, I thought you might be interested in having a look.


Martyn :)
Arsenal-Best Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
Indeed I am and mighty honoured by having been picked as a subject for a sketch by you as well! :D

Would you allow me to repost your scetch in this gallery of mine, which is specifically for portraits etc. of Ms. Aetherton and me done by other talented artists?…
MartynCollings Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course you may, I too am honored!
I'm so glad you like it, it was a lot of fun to do.

I just looked at your gallery and noticed one that I had faved before!
 Alice en splendeur dement by ElinasArt

I must also say, you and Ms Atherton have a great talent for Steampunk cosplay, keep it up!
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